There’s no such thing as too much Valletta

According to some travellers that I met during my trip, most of them told me that it takes at least 10 days to fully go through Valletta. I didn't have that much time just for Valletta alone, I mean, I would, but I also want to visit other places. But I did go back for … Continue reading There’s no such thing as too much Valletta


The Infamous Valletta

As mentioned in my previous post: Malta, here I come, I don't really plan that much for my trips. Just in case you are wondering what my itinerary is like... (I copied and pasted) 07/Aug — 12/Aug  Flight to Malta  Flight check in at 5:30 Flight arrive at 11:30 BUY 2 7-DAY-EXPLORE BUS CARD (£40) AT AIRPORT … Continue reading The Infamous Valletta

Malta, here I come

I decided to write a little blog about my life, or what I would love to share. Most of the things I write are merely what my brain is thinking during the event. As this is my first time writing a blog, I sincerely hope that whoever is reading this would enjoy the randomness of … Continue reading Malta, here I come